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What is the Goal of WPQC?

The goal of WPQC is to establish a standardized set of pharmacist-provided medication therapy management (MTM) services that can be received by patients throughout the state. Pharmacists collaborate with physicians to implement recommended changes. Patients receive the services at no cost provided they have prescription coverage through a participating WPQC health plan.

The aims of WPQC are to improve health, health outcomes and reduce total health care costs in the state of Wisconsin by implementing a redesign of community pharmacy practices and facilitating medication management services for eligible patients of commercial and government (Wisconsin Medicaid) health plans.

  • Transition community pharmacists from medication dispensers to medication therapy managers
  • Enhance patient engagement in their care
  • Improve medication use and health outcomes
  • Reduce prescription drug costs and unnecessary health care utilization for participants and health plans
WPQC Program Standards

In order to participate in WPQC, a pharmacy must comply with a set of rigorous standards to become a WPQC-accredited medication therapy management center.

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