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What are the Expected Benefits of the WPQC Program?

  1. Improved medication use and adherence among participating patients
  2. Improved patient safety (identification and resolution of drug-related problems)
  3. Reduced health care costs for participating patients and payers
  4. Decreased hospital readmissions
  5. Partnership between pharmacists and physicians to improve quality and attain desired performance metrics (e.g. PQRS, WCHQ)

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Pharmacists are a tremendously underutilized resource in the health care system. The WPQC program is an extremely useful tool to help me take better care of my patients. The careful comprehensive review of patients’ medications has led to better patient engagement and educated patients. I am a strong advocate for their services and recommend them to my colleagues.
~Philip Bain, MD, Fellow of the American College of Family Physicians-Site Chief,
Dean Clinic East Internal Medicine


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