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WPQC for Health Care Providers

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative is a program created to improve medication use, patient safety, and to reduce health care costs in Wisconsin.  In order to be part of WPQC, pharmacies must meet established quality-based best practices and provide the highest quality of care for the best value. WPQC-accredited pharmacies provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services focused on making sure current drug therapy is appropriate, safe, and cost effective.  Health plans participating in WPQC recognize these pharmacies as providers of quality care and provide payment for MTM services provided. 


What is MTM?

Evidence for MTM

Patient Eligibility


WPQC pharmacists are specially trained to improve health outcomes and medication use and safety, while reducing health care costs. Pharmacists work closely with the patient AND their health care team to ensure patients are getting the most of out their medication regimen.


Team Based Care

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