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Who is Eligible for WPQC Services?

Physician referral automatically qualifies patients for WPQC MTM services.

Even if a patient does not meet WPQC’s standard eligibility criteria, physicians are encouraged to refer any patient he or she feels would benefit. A WPQC pharmacy can be located in almost every Wisconsin county. Patients are eligible for WPQC services at no cost if they have prescription insurance coverage from participating WPQC payers

For a complete listing of participating WPQC locations, click here.
Click to access the Prescriber Referral Form.

 WPQC Physician Referral Process, It's as Easy as 1 2 3!


Determine if the patient’s prescription insurance participates in WPQC. These insurance programs are WPQC participants:
  • Gundersen Health Plan
  • Unity Health Insurance
  • Wisconsin ForwardHealth (Medicaid and SeniorCare)


Assess if the patient would benefit from a comprehensive medication review and assessment. Any patient referred by a physician is eligible for services. However, patients with the following conditions or circumstances are likely to benefit from a comprehensive medication review and assessment:
  • Multiple medications to treat or prevent chronic conditions
  • Receives prescriptions from multiple providers
  • Recent discharge from the hospital or long term care setting
  • Low health literacy


Call in a verbal order or fax an order to a WPQC-accredited pharmacy requesting the patient receive a comprehensive medication review and assessment.

Comprehensive medication review and assessment visits can be conducted at any time, whether prior to or following regularly-scheduled physician visits.
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