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This is a time in health care of unprecedented need for coordination of care and care of chronic diseases, both because of more baby boomers and because we as an American community are not as healthy as previous generations. We need to impact the health of our citizens in a meaningful way.  In this effort, we will need to collaborate to maximize the care provided and embrace the skill sets of our fellow colleagues: physicians, nurses, pharmacists and so many others. If we fail in this endeavor, we will need to accept that some will go without optimal care as a consequence. We will choose to care for our citizens, together, because that is what we do.

- Tim Bartholow, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer, Wisconsin Medical Society

Pharmacists are a tremendously underutilized resource in the health care system. The WPQC program is an extremely useful tool to help me take better care of my patients. The careful comprehensive review of patients' medications has led to better patient engagement and educated patients. I am a strong advocate for their services and recommend them to my colleagues.

- Philip Bain, MD, Fellow of the American College of Family Physicians - Site Chief, Dean Clinic East Internal Medicine

As a physician, I am highly skilled in diagnosis. Advanced practice nurses are skilled in care management. Social workers are specialists in the understanding of the behavioral and social sciences that underlie health and illness behavior. Finally, and critical to the integrity of the team, is the pharmacist who masterfully manages each patient's complex drug therapy to achieve positive patient outcomes. Some physicians worry about the fact that pharmacists may displace the role of the physician; however, all providers complement one another on behalf of the highest attainable patient care outcomes. There is no competition for the patient; rather, there is only synergy on behalf of the shared vision of high-level patient care.

- Hershey S Bell, MD, MS, FAAFP. Pharmacy Report to Surgeon General April 2012.

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