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Why Develop Relationships with Community Pharmacists?

Pharmacists have a specialized skill set and expertise that, when partnered with physicians and other members of the health care team, complement and supplement the team-based care approach to improve patient health outcomes.

In July 2017, the American Medical Association (AMA) StepsForward program for practice improvement created a module for physicians to learn about the inclusion of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in their practice. The module features six steps for physicians to follow when partnering with a pharmacist. These include identifying roles, setting expectations and measuring impact.

Reasons to involve pharmacists
in physician-led, multi-disciplinary
healthcare teams:

Pharmacists receive advanced training
about the effective use of medications
which allow them to identify and resolve
medication-related problems and
optimize medication therapy according to 
evidence-based medicine.

Many patients see their pharmacists
more often than any other healthcare
professional and regularly fill prescriptions.
On average, there is a pharmacy within
two miles of every home, and pharmacists
typically have established relationships
with their patients.

Team-Based Care:
Pharmacists are ideally positioned to
complement the care physicians
provide by coordinating medication
therapy regimens and facilitating
medication reconciliation for patients
with multiple physicians and chronic conditions.

As we look toward the future,
physician-led, team-based medical
practice offers promise for our
American health care system —
a system that provides the most
effective, efficient and cost-effective
care for our growing patient

Steven Stack, MD; American Medical News. Much must 
happen for team based care to succeed. 21 Jan 2013.

Innovative practice models need
to be considered in order to address
the challenges of increased care
for chronic diseases, limited access
to care, and decreased provider

Improving Patient and Health System
Outcomes through Advanced Pharmacy Practice:
A Report to the U.S. Surgeon General 2012

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