What is MTM?
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What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

WPQC Medication Therapy Management services are a distinct group of value-added services provided by pharmacists, which include comprehensive medication review and assessment visits. The intent is to work collaboratively with physicians to enhance therapeutic outcomes by improving medication adherence and aligning with evidence-based guidelines.

The pharmacist will not make any changes to the patient’s medication regimen without healthcare prescriber approval.

 Comprehensive Medication Review & Assessment Process:

1. Preparation: Review of medication history
    and available health information

2. Face-to-face visit: Assessment of
    prescription and over-the-counter
    medications, adherence discussion,
    medication device instruction,
    identification of drug therapy problems
    and cost effectiveness solutions

3. Patient materials: Medication action
    plan (MAP) and personal medication
    list (PML)

4. Communication with physician:
    Consideration of pharmacist’s
    recommendations for change,
    updated personal medication record,
    visit summary

5. Referral to physician: for follow-up care
    or when concerns arise

6. Follow-up visits: as needed to
    prevent adverse drug events,
    monitor medication efficacy,
    safety and adherence


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