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WPQC Pharmacies Can Help You With Your Medicines

A program named the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) is a group of pharmacies and health plans working together to help you get the most benefit from the medications you take. The program can also help keep your healthcare costs lower by helping you use medications in the best way.

Here’s what one patient said:

“I worked in the medical field for so many years, I thought I knew how to take my medicine and how to take it properly and change some of the habits I had. When the pharmacist did the Medication Check-up for me, I was shocked to find out that I was taking my medications incorrectly for years! I am now taking my cholesterol medication correctly and my high blood pressure is under control...only because I had a medication review with a pharmacist. The medication review also taught me about managing my own health better instead of just putting it in the hands of my doctors...I am now prepared to go and ask questions of my doctors. I would recommend anybody, even if they have one pill to take, meet with their pharmacist."
     -- A.I., Patient of WPQC Pharmacy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2013


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