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United Way of Dane County: Comprehensive Medication Review Initiative

A partnership of the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) and United Way of Dane County to decrease falls and adverse drug events (ADEs)

This initiative has been in place since 2010 with a goal of providing comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) to high risk, low-income older adults. 


United Way of Dane County (UWDC) launched a Delegation on Safe and Healthy Aging in April 2010, consisting of various local stakeholders, including pharmacists, who were tasked with addressing the negative health outcomes that impact Dane County older adults.

The Delegation determined four common reasons that result in hospitalization of older adults: falls, ADEs, incontinence, and dementia. Falls and ADEs were deemed acute triggers that required immediate attention. 

Since that time, WPQC has been working with UWDC to decrease falls and ADEs. UWDC provides support to WPQC pharmacies and pharmacists to provide CMRs to high risk, low-income older adults. PSW provides geriatric-specific training and toolkits for participating pharmacists.


  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs): These services can be provided at the WPQC pharmacy or at other community locations, including Dane County Senior Centers. Senior center events are coordinated collaboratively between UWDC and WPQC. The services provided to older adults are identical to WPQC CMR/A services, with the added expectation of providing review tailored to six specific geriatric syndromes. If a senior has established prescription coverage through current WPQC payers, UWDC is the secondary payer.
  • United Way 2-1-1: A telephonic and internet resource for help with food, housing, and health care. Operators educate callers about the opportunity to receive CMRs at WPQC pharmacies.
  • SAFE at Home Program (Home Health United): SAFE (Safety Assessments for the Elderly) provides in-home safety assessments for older adults to reduce falls and help individuals stay safe and independent in their own home or apartment.



UWDC continuously seeks opportunities to provide CMRs in the community at Dane County Senior Centers for individuals of all backgrounds. To better serve older adults and improve access to medication management services, future events will be held at various community center locations.

If you are interested in participating in the United Way of Dane County Comprehensive Medication review Initiative, please contact Kari Trapskin.


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