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Updated WPQC Homestudy Course Now Available!

The WPQC Homestudy course has been updated! It is available for Continuing Education (CE) credit to currently certified WPQC members. WPQC-certified pharmacists will receive 12 hours of CE credit and WPQC-certified technicians will receive 7 hours of CE credit upon successful completion of the course.

If you are already WPQC-certified, this content goes beyond simply refreshing your knowledge. It incorporates new operational and clinical pieces of WPQC that you may have missed over the past several years in WPQC newsletters and trainings. Important content from the WPQC Resources portion of the website has been incorporated, including important strategies and tips to maximize efficiencies to allow WPQC to be incorporated into your workflow. In version 2.0, we share important learnings WPQC has gleaned during the statewide expansion of WPQC.

To register for the course and access the course materials, click the appropriate link:



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