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Quality-Based Best Practices

WPQC-accredited pharmacies provide the following services or meet the following characteristics in order to be included in the network. These practices are auditable. WPQC endorses these practices as “best practices” which maximize patient safety in the medication use process. These practices will be reviewed and augmented as the program expands in order to continually increase the quality of pharmacy services provided.

Pharmacies are required to have policies and procedures in place for the following quality-based best practices:

  1. Performance of a brief medication history on all new patients or patients who fill medications at multiple pharmacies
  2. Consistent verification and documentation of allergies and adverse drug reactions
  3. Implementation of a procedure to check all pediatric prescriptions to ensure the prescribed dose is appropriate for age, weight, and condition
  4. Implementation of a procedure to ensure the correct product is dispensed and that specific patient engagement strategies are utilized for every patient during consultation
  5. Use of at least two unique identifiers for each new prescription order and upon consultation
  6. Implementation of a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program for medication risk management
  7. Establishment and maintenance of standards for communicating and executing Class I drug recalls and necessary actions pertaining to FDA drug safety alerts

Implementing the WPQC Quality-Based Best Practices

WPQC Members: To view suggestions as to how to implement these practices into your pharmacy workflow, click here.

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