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What is the Friends of Pharmacy Fund

Speaking with a unified voice has been proven as an effective strategy in the representation of Wisconsin’s pharmacy professionals and the multitude of pharmacy businesses in the state. A component of PSW’s legislative advocacy is the provision of financial support to the election campaigns of pro-pharmacy candidates.

The Friends of Pharmacy Fund (FPF) enables contributors to support political candidates recommended by PSW. The coordinated campaign support program emphasizes both the individual contributor and the combined contributions of each of the participants.

How Does FPF Work?

  1. Open a conduit account by making a contribution online: www.pswi.org/conduit
  2. PSW will identify a candidate who is supportive of pharmacy issues and will contact you to gain your permission to use funds from your conduit account.
  3. If you give permission, monies will be deducted from your conduit account and combined with the contributions of other FPF members to make a more sizeable contribution.
  4. A FPF account holder can request that a contribution from their account be sent to the candidate of their choice at any time.
  5. When your account runs low on funds, you can replenish it online.


To donate online, you must login or create a new user account.

If you do not wish to create a user account or contribute online, you may fill out this form and return by:
Email: info@pswi.org
Fax: 608.827.9292
Mail: 701 Heartland Drive, Madison WI 53717


Make a Donation

Recurring Contributions - Monthly and Annual donation options are available for all contribution types. These options process the first payment immediately and automatically process subsequent payments on the 15th of the month, one month or one year following the previous payment.

If you wish to discontinue your recurring contributions, please contact the PSW office at 608-827-9200.

Voluntary Contribution Friends of Pharmacy Fund

The Friends of Pharmacy Fund (FPF) is a political conduit that will help us better support pro-pharmacy political candidates. To truly be successful and to have the impact that pharmacy needs, membership support of the FPF is absolutely critical.
FPF Contributor Recognition Levels:
Bronze: $100 Silver: $250 Gold: $500 Platinum: $1000.00
$ Close
Click theCloseto cancel the donation and remove the amount entered.

We will automatically receive your donation every 

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