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Wisconsin Pharmacy Political Action Committee

What is the Wisconsin Pharmacy PAC?

Speaking with a unified voice has been proven as an effective strategy in the representation of Wisconsin’s pharmacy professionals and the multitude of pharmacy businesses in the state. A component of PSW’s legislative advocacy is the provision of financial support to the election campaigns of pro-pharmacy candidates.

The Wisconsin Pharmacy PAC (WIPPAC) enables contributors to support political candidates based upon the most strategic decision for the organization.

The PAC pools all contributor money, and the funds are dispersed from the PAC without any contributors attached to the specific contribution. Contributors are reported as contributing to the PAC pool of funds, but an individual’s contribution is not traceable to any specific contributions.

The PAC is the best choice for those who want PSW to allocate funds based on political strategy, regardless of personal preference.



Recurring Monthly Contributions

If you are interested in setting up monthly recurring contributions to the Wisconsin Pharmacy PAC, please select the monthly amount below.