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PSW Awards Nomination Form

All nominations must be fully completed and submitted to PSW by the nomination deadline in order for the nominee to be considered as a candidate for the award. All incomplete nominations will be returned to the nominator for re-submission. Nominations postmarked or date stamped after the nomination deadline will not qualify for consideration until the following year. To complete the nomination, please submit the required minimum letters in support of this candidate’s nomination APRIL 1 of the award year. Each letter supporting a nomination should be accompanied by writer’s name, work site and contact information. For awards requiring three letters of support, one letter of support can be written by the award candidate. In addition, a curriculum vitae or resume may be substituted in place of one letter of support. Each qualified nomination will be evaluated based on the award’s selection criteria. Documentation supporting a candidate’s nomination should highlight how the candidate has fulfilled the award’s selection criteria. All awards listed below will be presented at the PSW Annual Meeting in the fall of the nomination year. For questions or for more information, please contact the PSW office at (608) 827-9200 or Please complete fully and return nomination information to PSW by APRIL 1 of the award year


Please complete the form below or click here to download the PDF nomination form. Not seeing the form? Click here for a direct link to the nominations form. 

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