Curtis Johnson Award
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Curtis Johnson Award

Formerly the Jennings Murphy Award

The Curtis A. Johnson Award recognizes an outstanding contributor to The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin during a calendar year. This may include an author(s) who submitted a manuscript that advances the practice of pharmacy or an individual who contributed significantly to the annual editorial plan of The Journal. Articles that will be considered for the award should fall under one of the following departments of The Journal: The Cover, Pharmacy Practice Features, Original Contributions, or Correspondence. The selected author(s) or contributor will be chosen by members of the The Journal Editorial Advisory Board and staff. The recipient(s) of the Curtis A. Johnson Award will be acknowledged and presented with the award at the annual PSW Educational Conference.

Who are Curtis Johnson and Jennings Murphy?

Curtis (Curt) Johnson was foremost a Wisconsin pharmacist; a determined Badger. He served on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy from 1978-2010. In 2004 Curt accepted the position of Editor for The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, a position he held until his unfortunate passing in 2011. As JPSW Editor, Curt led the transformation of JPSW from a good to a great, award-winning professional publication. In April 2011 the PSW Board of Directors voted to rename the JPSW Best Paper award, an award conceived by Curt, after him.

Mr. Murphy served as Executive Secretary of the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association from 1934-1959. Prior to that appointment, he served as assistant to Association president, Oscar Rennebohm and also served as Director of WPhA Extension. He was the editor of The Wisconsin Pharmacist, a position he continued to hold after his retirement as Executive Secretary of WPhA. His colleagues credited him with enhancing the quality of the publication during his editorial leadership. Mr. Murphy died in 1975 after many years of service to Wisconsin pharmacy.

2023 Recipient

Brianne Bakken