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Benefits of Participating in WPQC

WPQC provides members with access to a powerful network of resources and experts. As a member of WPQC, you are integral to changing the way pharmacy is practiced and is recognized. You will build stronger professional relationships with your patients and members of the health care team, improve the quality of your practice site, improve the health and health outcomes of your patients, and will reduce the costs of health care for your patients and the participating health plans.

WPQC provides member pharmacies, pharmacists, and technicians with access to a powerful network of resources to assist with the provision of MTM services. To view the myriad of resources available to participants, visit the Resources section of the website. 

If you've thought about becoming a member, Join Now! If you're an existing member, Renew Today! You'll be supporting the establishment of community pharmacies as medication therapy management centers, the elevation of the role of community pharmacists as medication therapy managers, and the improvement of medication use by patients.

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