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The Basics

A program named the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) works with pharmacists to help you with your medications.  Here is how this program can help you stay healthy...

How will my pharmacist help me with my medications?

Your pharmacist can help in many ways. If you use special equipment to take medication, the pharmacist can help you learn how to use it. This could include inhalers, blood glucose monitors, or other equipment. Pharmacists also can do a Medication Check-up.  The pharmacist would meet with you to go over all the medicines you take.  This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and herbal or nutritional supplements.


What is a Medication Check-up?

You will meet with the pharmacist for about 30 minutes. You can have a family member or someone else with you, if you want. You will bring all your medications. The pharmacist will review them with you, including the name, amount you take, and how it can help you.  This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal or nutritional supplements.

In a Medication Check-up, a WPQC pharmacist can help make sure:
  • You know how to use special equipment to take medication.  This includes inhalers, blood glucose monitors or others.
  • You are not spending too much money for your medications.
  • You are taking the right medications.
  • You are taking the right amount of medication at the right time of day.
  • Which medicines are okay to take at the same time.
  • Vitamins, supplements or over-the-counter medicines you take are safe and will help you get or stay healthy.
  • Your questions or concerns about your medicines are answered.


Who are Medication Check-ups for? Are they just for people taking lots of medicine?

A Medication Check-up with a pharmacist can help anyone, even if they don’t take many medications.  People who have diabetes, asthma, heart disease or other ongoing medical conditions find the check-ups especially helpful.  They also are useful for people who have just been in the hospital or a nursing home.


Why should I ask for help from a WPQC pharmacist?

Many people are taking a lot of medications to get or stay healthier. It’s harder when you have more than one medication to take at a time.  Medications don’t always work the way we think they do.  Sometimes they can hurt you if you are not taking them right. Your pharmacist can help you make sure you are taking medications right, answer all your questions, and talk to your doctors.

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