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Gratitude – but not the cliché Thanksgiving kind…yet!

It’s fall and I’ve got my favorite fall nail color on, five cans of pumpkin in our pantry, our cozy blankets at the ready, and I ate an apple at lunch; it’s official. The two other things that come to mind when I think of fall are the PSW Board Retreat and “back to school”. I’m using this month’s blog post to reflect on both with a heart full of gratitude. During the PSW Board Retreat each year, the volunteer leadership and staff of PSW take some time away to think strategically on issues that need a bit more concentrated time than a typical Board meeting provides. I’ve had the privilege to plan and participate in PSW Board Retreats since 2007; each year is memorable. Each year I’m filled with gratitude for the time, energy, and reflection that the PSW Board members and members of the Wisconsin Pharmacy Foundation Board invest in the retreat process. It’s inspiring and fills me with optimism for the future of the organization and our profession. ...

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Being Bold, Being Authentic, Being Empathetic

While we express this empathy, we can be bold and challenge the status quo. The expression of empathy doesn’t make us soft or emotional, it makes us strong and steadying. It supports our ability to get the hard work done and lift others as we go forward.

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If it's right for the patient, it's right for the profession

In this month's blog post, PSW CEO Sarah Sorum focuses on patient-centered strategy planning and building relationships to accomplish our collective goals of improving health in Wisconsin.

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Courage & Commitment

At the midpoint of 2020, I have surmised that this year is a year for courage. I’m inspired by the courage I’ve seen demonstrated around me in the face of so much change, challenge, and turmoil.

Pharmacy professionals, essential healthcare providers, at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated courage in quickly adapting their practices to care for the sickest among us and to keep patients safe in their communities. New graduating pharmacists have demonstrated resilience among canceled classes, virtual experiential education, modified celebrations, and licensure challenges. The new members of the PSW Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team have demonstrated courage in engaging in meaningful conversation to improve understanding, express compassion, and make meaningful change for our profession, for our organization, and for the patients we serve. So much courage and so much commitment.

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