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  1. Call for nominations in the March/April and/or May/June issue of The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin and as needed in Fast Facts.
  2. Upon request or upon receiving the name of a nominee, PSW staff will forward on a nomination form to be completed by the person making the nomination.
  3. Include nomination advertising as part of the PSW Educational Conference and Senior Care Conference.
  4. Close nominations 90 days in advance of the PSW Annual Meeting.
  5. Convene a Committee of past award winners to prepare a recommended slate of award recipients and prepare final recommendations for consideration by the PSW Board of Directors.
  6. PSW Board of Directors will ratify the slate of candidates nominated to receive awards.
  7. All award winners will be notified in advance of the Annual Awards Banquet and encouraged to attend the banquet to receive recognition. In addition, the membership will be notified via Fast Facts in advance of the meeting to enable maximum opportunity for collegial recognition.
  8. Award recipients will be recognized in The Journal via picture and caption in the Nov/Dec issue.
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